Exclusive SealWizard® Products

SealWizard´s innovative system combines two unique technologies: a High pressure Electro-eletronic pump (4061Psi) and a special Polyvinyl liquid with viscosity and density the same as water.

“The SealWizard pump is the only one that reaches sufficient pressure (4061Psi) to overcome the resistence of the concrete, allowing the polyvinylic liquid to penetrate up to the source of the leak in the waterproofing layer”.

“Due to the very low viscosity and density of our Polyvinylic liquid it is possible to penetrate in 100% of the cracks and microcracks by filling up the source of the leak. After cured, it forms an elastic and solid structure with excellent adhesion to both dry and wet substrates. Keeps the structure dry preventing the corrosion of the metal frame”.

1 – Pump JetFix SW707® (high pressure 280 Bar)
We have developed the first and only, automatic voltage selection electro-electronic pump, two-component, high pressure (280 bar) that works in 110V-127V / 220V-240V outlets.
Our electronic pump JetFix SW707® works with an electronic control system and digital panel and has been developed specifically for high pressure injection (280Bar) into concrete substrates to eliminates infiltrations. Its Electronic Automatic Pressure Control System ensures that the injection has a homogenous and standardized fill. Due to its exclusive injection pressure (280Bar) it is possible to penetrate 100% of the structure ensuring the total elimination of the infiltration. The Pump JetFix SW707® is compact and lightweight, allowing quick and inexpensive logistics.
Designed for high pressure injection into concrete substrates, swimming pools, water tanks, slabs, industrial plants, dams, tunnels, bridges, etc.

Features and Benefits
– High performance and low maintenance;
– Unique design high-pressure gun, clog free;
– Electronic pressure control via digital panel;
– Compact-sized pump and light weight (29kg / 63lbs);
– Easy handling and cleaning (use only water to clean);
– Supplied complete with high pressure hoses and mixing gun;
– Two component High pressure 280 bar with electronic regulator;
– Two individual analog gauges and one electronic pressure gauge;
– Automatic voltage selection electronic pump (110V-127V / 220V-240V).

2 – Elastic Polyvinyl Liquid for injection – “SW 7007 PolyFix®”
It is the only injection liquid developed specifically to seal the concrete cracks and repair the waterproofing layer, to eliminate water infiltration in concrete and similar substrates.
The product “SW 7007 PolyFix®” is a Polyvinyl Liquid for injection, very low viscosity, fast response, high strength, waterproof, non-toxic and resistant to fungus and bacteria. It is highly durable and has permanent elasticity. Keeps the structure dry preventing the corrosion of the metal frame. After cured, it forms an elastic and solid structure with good adhesion to both dry and wet substrates. The elastic polyvinyl liquid “SW 7007 PolyFix®” is used for injection under high pressure into cracks and crevices to eliminate water seepage in concrete or similar structure.

Features and Benefits
– Environmentally friendly;
– Preserves the water potability;
– Fungus and bacteria resistant;
– Resistant to freezing and thawing cycles;
– Very low viscosity and density (almost equal to water):
Mixture Viscosity ~ 1.03 mPa.s (20 ° C)
Density – Part A: ~ 1.00 kg / liter (20 ° C) Part B: ~ 0.87 kg / liter (20 ° C)
– Permanently elastic, can absorb small structure moviments;
– Does not use organic solvent for cleaning or product application;
– Unique product specifically developed to eliminate leaks in concrete or similar substrates;
– A special pigment is supplied for injection monitoring. The pigment becomes colorless 10 days after application;
– Reaction time (gel formation) can be adjusted as needed (for low and high temperatures, etc.);
– After cured “SW 7007 PolyFix®” is insoluble in water, hydrocarbons as well as resistant to acids and alkalis;
– After cured “SW 7007 PolyFix®” can always be used in direct contact with damp or water saturated conditions. Creates a strong elastic structure with good adhesion to dry and moist substrates.

3 – High Pressure Injection Packers
Our unique Injection Packers are specially developed to resist the high pressure of the SealWizard® injection system, being able to reach up to 280Bar, without any leakage.